Pharrell Williams & Jay Z- “Entrepreneur” Review

Pharrell Williams & Jay Z- “Entrepreneur” Review

Pharrell Williams is one of the most respected artists in the entire music industry. From producing within The Neptunes around the turn of the century to releasing the smash hit “Happy” in 2013, the Virginia born singer, rapper, and producer, has done nearly everything. Today, he has just released a brand new single titled “Entrepreneur“, which features the one and only Jay-Z. With this legendary duo reunited once again, will they be able to stay undefeated?

Opening up the record their is a minimalistic beat that consists of a drum pattern and some chanting. Despite its clunkiness, the track doesn’t start to tumble until Pharrell’s digitally altered singing comes in. The hook is way too high pitched and repetitive for it to be in slightest bit enjoyable. Following it up, an even more annoying verse from Williams brings up super generic points on racism. At about the one minute and 35-second mark, the track starts to get a classic g-funk feel, and things begin to turn up. After repeating the redundant phrase “Black man” 32 times, Jay-Z finally breathes some life into the song. His verse mainly revolves around how we should support black-owned businesses instead of large corporations that are controlled by money-hungry racists. While its not the most mind-boggling of Hov verse, its miles better than the rest of the track. Closing out the single, there is an angelic instrumental playout and an excretion of the phrase “Black man” 16 times.

In conclusion, this is the worst track Pharrell and Jay have ever made, and it’s not even close. Usually, these two mesh together seamlessly, but here we got an awkward track that regurgitates information we have already heard about racism and oppression. Going forward, I’m not worried about either of these two as I think they are still more than competent artists, but all I hope is that they wash this sour taste out of our mouths soon!

Rating: 1/10

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