Everything We Know About Aesop Rock’s New Album

Everything We Know About Aesop Rock’s New Album

Legendary rapper Aesop Rock announces his eighth album “Spirit World Field Guide” is set to release November 13th. This is the New York MCs first solo album since his 2016 masterpiece “The Impossible Kid”. His new song “The Gates” and its accompanying Rob Shaw music video is out already out but for the rest of the album, we will be telling you everything to know! 

A press release from his label Rhymesayers Entertainment describes the album as a concept album that takes place in an alternate dimension. In this world, we will learn about its traditions, cultures, wildlife, and geography. The same description goes on to describe that the universe is accompanied “with hallucinatory images of killer eels, magic spells, and people on the run, peppered among anecdotes, recipes, survival tips, warnings, maps, drawings, and more.” 

While not knowing about features and production credits, here is the 21-song long tracklist:

  1. Hello From the Spirit World
  2.  The Gates
  3.  Button Masher
  4.  Dog at the Door
  5. Gauze
  6.  Pizza Alley
  7.  Crystal Sword
  8.  Boot Soup
  9.  Coveralls
  10.  Jumping Coffin
  11.  Holy Waterfall
  12.  Flies
  13.  Salt
  14.  Sleeper Car
  15.  1 to 10
  16.  Attaboy
  17.  Kodokushi
  18.  Fixed and Dilated
  19.  Side Quest
  20.  Marble Cake
  21.  The Four Winds

With all of this information, do you think Aesop Rock’s next album will be a weird attempt at shocking listeners or an exciting journey into a fantasy world?

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