Rising Artist Spotlight: Reggie Rare

Rising Artist Spotlight: Reggie Rare

Coming to us from Palmdale, California meet Reggie Rare. Since last year, this up and comer has worked like an animal as he’s put out five major releases. Today, I will be showing you guys what makes this gifted MC so special!

His Strengths


While Reggie Rare is a profound lyricist who can spit from the mind’s deepest crevices, his main selling point is his flow. Approaching the microphone, each word he says comes out so naturally, which causes the listener to become engulfed. With a cadence this unique, Its hard to find a fair comparison.


Bringing things full circle, the swagger in Reggie Rare’s delivery gives fans the impression of a modern rapper with a classic g-funk vibe. He is fearless, daring, and, most importantly fun on any one of his given tracks.

Essential Songs:

I’m the Men

Reggie Rare’s most popular single is an anthem about the circle of life. Over a sappy instrumental, “I’m the Men” depicts his success story and the current responsibilities he is faced with. From being the breadwinner to supporting his family, there is a lot to take away from this one


“Dale” shows off the harder side to Reggie Rare. Over blues-inspired instrumental, Rare raps about his hometown and the dangers, he faced growing up. From robberies to murder, this is not an easy place to survive!

Cuttin’ It Close

A satirical and energetic banger makes “Cuttin’ It Close” one of Reggie Rare’s best songs to date. Over a multifaceted instrumental, the Palmdale MC raps about his strong points and his attitude towards competition.

If the Moon Can Talk 

Off his latest record, “If the Moon Can Talk” is Reggie Rare’s artistic leap into something more experimental than his usual. With intoxicating vocals and a choppy flow, Rare reminisces about some of his most downward shortcomings. 

Oldies Og

Serving as one of his best lyrical cuts, “Oldies Og”, is another testament to the versatility of Reggie Rare. His vocals change up often, and the lyrical exercise he goes on is a true ride to witness. 


In conclusion, I stand by the statement that Reggie Rare will be one of hip hops premier stars in the next few years. With an unmatched work ethic and a lane of his own, I think its only a matter of time till he blows up. If you’re like me and want to stay posted with this talented MC, be sure to follow @reggie.rare on Instagram!

Rising Artist Rating: 4/5

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