Tha Vengian- “Caran D’Ache” Review

Tha Vengian- “Caran D’Ache” Review

Tha Vengian is an upcoming rapper from Canada. Coming north of the border, he has already received a solid amount of success due to his last EP “Arachnid”. Despite only being recently separated from this project, he has already back with a new single titled “Caran D’Ache” which is produced by Monk and chopped up by Dj Radiohead. With the most anticipated release of his career so far, will Tha Vengian be able to seize the moment?

Opening up the record, there is a jazzy instrumental with a sample from the Classic Wu-Tang song “C.R.E.A.M.”. After a few seconds, Tha Vengian makes his entrance as he raps about a few debacles lingering in his mind. From social media bias to his rapid building industry credit, there is a lot for this young artist to take in. Furthering his verse with some pretty intricate wordplay about racism and institutionalism, the bridge emphasizes his thoughts with the phrase “Living in a world no different from a cell”. On the second verse, the Canadian MC claims that he is here to stay in one of the most inspirational and thought ways I’ve seen in a while. The third and final verse is the most lyrically profound as Tha Vengian alludes to women, drugs, and a handful of other things in one of the most complex ways I may have ever seen. Ending things, the instrumental plays out and eventually fades away.

In conclusion, “Caran D’Anche” leaves off just where Tha Vengian left! His lyricism seems to have gotten even better, and the accompanying production is definitely reliable. My only real complaint would be the mixing, which can sometimes make Tha Vengian’s vocals feel overpowered by the instrumental. If you’re like me and want to see what this talented up and comer does next, be sure to follow @tha_vengian on Instagram!

Rating: 7.2/10

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