Jordan D. Mitchell- “Spiteful” Review

Jordan D. Mitchell- “Spiteful” Review

Stockton rapper Jordan D. Mitchell has had one of the most successful years in the California underground scene. With his well-received, I’ll Apologize Later album, fans have been on their feet waiting to see what he does next. While he prepares for his next studio release, he’s given us a new track titled “Spiteful”. With his creativity and charisma going through the roof, can Jordan D. Mitchell prove he’s a legitimate hitmaker? 

With a feeling of suspense, some silky strings and a dramatic piano build up into an eventual pause. A surge of energy is inserted with Jordan’s line at the beat drop, “B***h I’m feeling spiteful”. Rapping with some bravado, Mitchell says, “I Might kill my rivals” as a way to assert his dominance over his contemporaries. D Mitchell plays with the listener’s mind as he continues down this spurt. While lacking his usual lyrical potency, his fun wordplay and well-written rhymes make this a trip to listen to. On the tracks second half, Jordan D Mitchell turns things up as he mentions some more problematic ideals such as snitching and gang violence. Also worth mentioning is the attention to detail as the background adlibs and switches in vocal pitch show Jordan’s complete skill set as a hip hop artist. While not containing the conceptual commentary that his songs usually come with, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for this record’s purpose. 

In conclusion, “Spiteful” is the banger Jordan D. Mitchell needed to headline his catalog. His performance embodies everything that makes him so special and the beat is mainstream accessible while remaining intricate. Going forward, I don’t know if this is going to be a standalone track or a tease of how his next album will sound, but either way, Jordan D. Mitchell is continuing to prove he is one Californias hottest up and comers! Follow Jordan @itsjordanbreh on Instagram!

Rating: 7.3/10

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