BurnaMaleik- “Reparations” Review

BurnaMaleik- “Reparations” Review

BurnaMaleik is an upcoming rapper who built quite the name for himself off his abrasive style and socially aware subject matter on songs like “New Slaves” and “Field N***a”. His brand new single, “Reparations”, is a culmination of all the anger in his previous cuts with additional fuel from the chaotic world all of us feel trapped inside. With his sizable following increasing each day, will BurnaMaleik be able to handle the pressure and make his boldest statement yet?

Immediately feeling a brewing sense of tension, Burna’s short monologue focusing on his hatred towards racism is a perfect way to commence things. As he continues his speech an instrumental storm of various vocal clips fast forwards into what seems to be Maleik’s developed thoughts. Using the same beat from the intro, Burna dives into the core principles of racism and the detrimental effects it has had on our society. From the constant murder of children to the prison system’s discrepancies, Maleik’s cold-hearted delivery tries to hide his pain but ends up making it gleam. As an artist, Burda’s depth is seen throughout the track as he switches between a murder hungry gang member’s perspective and his true forward-thinking self. Being hit with different options and views revolving around the same enduring issue truly makes the listener think about every single word being said. Closing out the record, the final verse speaks to those lost in the center of systemic racism as BurnaMaleik powerfully encourages our youth to make the right choices and resist violence.

“Reparations” was undoubtedly the perfect name for a song like this as BurnaMaleik vividly paints a picture of inner-city corruption and whose hands are dirty for this disservice to humanity. Being able to mix potency with entertainment is one of hip hops main beauties, and this rising MC withholds that statement. My only real gripe on this track comes with the lack of development in the instrumentals, as it can feel a little redundant towards the end. Going forward, I cant wait to see BurnaMaleik develop and grow as a rapper and if you are too, be sure to follow @burnamaleik on Instagram!

Rating: 7.0/10

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