AP YCM- “Falling Hard” (Single Review)

AP YCM- “Falling Hard” (Single Review)

Even after being one of the millions of artists affected by Spotify’s unjust removal of popular songs, Buffalo’s AP YCM is only working harder. Last year, he reached new heights with his critically acclaimed album Chrysalis, smash hits of “In My Head/Out My Mind” and “Countin Up,” and finally, a cosign from one of the best rappers in the world right now, Benny the Butcher. To kick the new year off, YCM has a brand new track titled “Falling Hard”. Being the first song he’s released of the new year, will Buffalo’s most charismatic up and comer be able to continue his hot streak?

Going into this track, it’s essential to know what went into the making of it. On a train ride in New York City, AP was about to go to the studio, but he felt a special aura. Inspired by two of his biggest idols, XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD, the young rapper let the pain create his vision. This is especially evident from the get-go as the song opens up to a dramatic guitar riff. As the track builds up, YCM comes in and lets us inside his mind with the simple phrase, “I Don’t Understand It”. After this, his vocals build-up, and so does the atmosphere with YCM’s short-lived but introspective songwriting, which briefly reflects on his depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s certainly dark, but with the guitar infused trap beat and his powerful delivery, this section will challenge you to think and also throw you in AP’s shoes. Past this, the intro reprises, and we see it ease into the track’s grand finale. With the heartfelt instrumental and all its smooth background details, this experience is truly well crafted, but with it ending in only a minute and a half, the emotional climax is cut short, which certainly cuts its lasting impact on those listening. 

Overall, “Falling Hard” is another solid entry in AP YCM’s ever-expanding catalog. He continues to show his emotional depth, and with well-fitted instrumentals like the one seen here, he’s truly making some of the most sonically moving hip hop right now. My only problem with this track comes from the fact that it feels somewhat formulaic to AP’s other recent standouts. The vocals and atmosphere feel very similar to “In My Head/Out My Mind”. Still, I had hoped this was something much more significant on the first listen as YCM has hands down some of his best moments lyrically and stylistically. With this making up such a short length of an already quick song, I feel he didn’t give himself enough time to flesh out his ideas. While I don’t think this single is anything mindboggling, it’s another testament to why AP YCM up and why he was nominated and almost victor of “Best Upcoming Artist” at the 2021 Fantastic Awards. If he can continue with this work ethic and expand on the sounds he has already mastered, he will be topping the charts in no time!

Rating: 7.2/10

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