Frazier Trill & Pi’erre Bourne- “Self Titled” (Album Review)

Frazier Trill & Pi’erre Bourne- “Self Titled” (Album Review)

Last weekend, South Carolina’s Frazier Trill made the first major statement of his career with his self-titled album. With production from the one and only Pi’erre Bourne, he’s given all the sonic backing he needs, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. His energy remains high throughout, and with Bourne’s signature sonic layering and transitioning skills, the 26-minute project is a joy to run through. From top to bottom, the record is filled with bangers, and the only real issue comes from its lack of both topical and vocal diversity. If your looking for a refreshing well-produced trap experience that reeks of fun, look no further than here.

Rating: 5.8/10


  • Frazier Trill is a fun MC that makes the entire project entertaining
  • Pi’erre Bourne yet again proves why he’s one of the top producers in the game with his masterful soundtrack


  • Subject matter is bland 
  • Despite being fun, Trill’s style gets repetitive

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