Lil Durk- “The Voice 1.5” (Album Review)

Lil Durk- “The Voice 1.5” (Album Review)

Just weeks after its standard edition dropped, Chicago’s very own Lil Durk is back with The Voice 1.5. If you know me, I’ve been extremely critical of hip hop’s newfound deluxe album trend, and this example is really no different. The material here is not unlistenable, but it’s just so repetitive and forgettable there’s not much to say. While this is definitely a step down from the original if you enjoy Durkio, I’m sure you’ll have a decent amount of fun with this LP.

Rating: 4.6/10


  • The entire project is listenable at the least
  • Lil Durk puts passion and heart into each song


  • Production is so bland 
  • His style is so repetitive its painful

Written by: Marc Dator

Scored and edited by: Marc Dator founder and owner of Fantastic Hip Hop

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