Mavi- “END OF THE EARTH” (EP Review)

Mavi- “END OF THE EARTH” (EP Review)

Ever since his debut album Let The Sun Talk took the hip hop world by storm in late 2019, the entire community has had their eye on North Carolina rapper Mavi. This week, the young prodigy has finally released a follow-up with his brand new EP END OF THE EARTH. With high expectations, will this prominent MC be able to live up to the hype?

Through five short tracks, Mavi is able to deliver an experience that’s more fulfilling than most full-length albums. The North Carolina native pours so much passion and fire into each track he truly sets himself apart from the rest of the lo-fi hip hop scene. Highlighted on the intro “TIME TRAVEL,” the sheer willpower in Mavi’s delivery makes his illusive flashback-driven songwriting hit even harder than it already does. On the note of writing, songs like “LIFE WE LIVE” and “METHODS” show Mavi’s actual lyrical ability has drastically improved, which speaks volumes. At the ripe age of 21, he’s able to make each line so profound, and the way every bar flows into the next, it’s clear the young rapper is already one of the game’s elite poets. As a whole, Mavi’s lively vocals and top-notch songwriting clearly show Mavi’s ready to become a superstar.

Behind the boards, each of the five tracks do an above-average job at complementing Mavi’s unique sound. From the distorted soul sample on “TIME TRAVEL” to the haunting “TOWN CRIER,” each instrumental thrives by sprucing up the typical “dullness” that most lo-fi tracks contain. “THOUSAND MILES” was a definite standout due to the contrast between its gleaming chimes and rhythmic percussions. “LIFE WE LIVE” was another occasion where Mavi was able to show off his vocal versatility as the electro-oriented beat makes for one of the most exciting soundscapes he’s ever flowed over. As a whole, none of these instrumentals are too memorable on their own, but the way they mesh together with Mavi’s vocals and push forward lo-fi hip hops sonic boundaries is purely amazing.

In conclusion, END OF EARTH was certainly worth the wait, and I have more faith in Mavi than ever. In almost every regard, this project thrives in everything it sets out to do, and the amount of growth and progression we see in Mavi feels super rewarding after waiting all this time to hear from him. Going forward, I only expect Mavi to get better, and with the amount of growth he’s shown already, I’d expect his next album to be one of the decade’s greatest. 

Rating: 7.8/10


  • Mavi gets better in every way possible
  • Soundscape expands the boundaries of lo-fi hip hop


  • As a five-song EP, the ceiling is only so high

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