Señor Gigio- “Earth Tones & Neon Lights” (Single Review)

Señor Gigio- “Earth Tones & Neon Lights” (Single Review)

Seńor Gigio is an independent rapper who’s been around since 2006. Last year, he had a dominant year with the release of his album The Life Awwkwatiqwhich featured the hit songs “King of Cups” and “Freedom Stylie”. This month, he dropped a brand new video for a single off the LP titled “Earth Tones & Neon Lights”. Featuring female MC Versoul, can these highly respect MCs create an unforgettable banger? 

Opening up the record, theirs an instrumental that immediately captivates you. Taking influence from 90s dance music, the electric synths and pulsing drums will make anyone with two feet want to get up and jump around. As the beat settles in, Gigio is spitting firery bars with a flow that perfectly matches the already set pace. The Bay Area rapper’s clearly a gifted lyricist, as even in the brief opening verse, there’s a handful of well-connected and layered lines. On the bridge, Versoul delivers a memorizing hook that is both vocally appealing and topically potent. On the second verse, tensions rise as Versoul shows off her rapping capability where she talks about various injustices and corruptions within our world. Highlighting the two’s chemistry, we see Señor take control of the microphone and continue the tangent Ver scorching on. Following this sensational performance, the electric bridge and hook make a reprise. As the track progresses, the two continue to go on about the same topics, and this goes on until the three-minute mark, where the tone changes and theirs an epic playout. Despite from a few issues with some flat vocals and delivery, Señor Gigio and Versoul create an anthem that embodies what hip hop truly is.

In conclusion, “Earth Tones & Neon Lights” is a fun song that has many layers within it. Aside from a few mixing and vocal issues, both rappers deliver integral performances, and the unique instrumental puts this track in a lane of its own. Going forward, I’m sure Seńor Gigio will continue to put out quality, and if you want to see what he does next, be sure to follow @senorgigo on Instagram!

Rating: 6.0/10

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