Watzreal- “Let Me Shine” (Single Review)

Watzreal- “Let Me Shine” (Single Review)

Underground hip-hop titan Watzreal is back with a brand new single titled “Let Me Shine”. Already being on a hot streak due to the success of his now-viral single “Guarded,” can one of the Bay Areas’ finest MCs keep this momentum going?

Through witty punchlines and powerful songwriting, Watzreal is able to put together one of the most empowering songs I’ve heard in the past year. This gifted MC dedicates the entire track to his mental health battle and turns his experience into well-addressed advice that can help others crawl out of their own struggles. Along with the master writing embedded within every line, Watz’s smooth flow and charismatic delivery makes sure that every word shoots straight into your heart. Hearing a rapper truly lay it all out on the table for us to hear is inspiring, and the initial verse focusing on his transitions in both the music industry and his life in this covid era puts you right in his shoes. On the ladder verse, Real spruces up his flow as he talks about the many positive changes he’s fought to make in his life. Tying these two stellar verses together with a hook that’s both powerful and catchy, Watzreals artistry seems to have reached new heights. On the instrumental side of the track, the entire song contains a simple yet effective sonic background. Consisting of a mellow piano, standard drum pattern, and the occasional addition of a violin to add to the track’s overall suspense and tension, the beat does a great job at complementing the Bay Area MC’s strengths.  

Walking away from “Let Me, Shine,” and I’m honestly blown away. The amount of emotion Waztreal can convey in three minutes is mind-boggling, and in this year, that’s consisted of mainly lackluster releases so far; this motivating experience is precisely what the culture needed. Going forward, Id assumes the next step for Watzreal is a new album, and I’ve never been more excited for it. Be sure to follow @watzrealthehapa on Instagram!

Rating: 8.5/10

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