Lil Durk & Only The Family- “Loyal Bros” (Album Review)

Lil Durk & Only The Family- “Loyal Bros” (Album Review)

Lil Durk’s crew Only The Family is back with a brand new compilation album titled Loyal Bros. Following the loss of member King Von, you would think there would be more emotion poured into this record, but instead, we receive 23 songs that are filled with generic Chicago drill and trap. There are some bangers here and there, but most of the members fail to captivate any sort of excitement. Aside from a few moments, this LP defines what mediocre rap music sounds like in this day and age.  

Rating: 3.4/10


  • A few of the bangers are solid
  • Lil Durk’s songs are fairly decent
  • King Von’s vocals are empowering


  • So much filler
  • Most of the tracks are mediocre
  • This may be the least talented group of rappers out

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