Tory Lanez- “PLAYBOY” (Album Review)

Tory Lanez- “PLAYBOY” (Album Review)

After his super controversial DAYSTAR LP, Tory Lanez is back with a brand new album titled PLAYBOY. Working in the RnB realm of music, Lanez attempts to un-cancel himself in the most tedious and uninspired effort possible. Through twelve songs and 46 minutes, we get one of the most painfully generic records ever. Each song consists of the Toronto artist moaning about heartbreak over minimalistic instrumentals that offer little to no assistance in salvaging his rancid performance. Walking away from this project, and I’m convinced there’s never been a rapper who has a quicker fall from grace than Tory. 

Rating: 3.2/10


  • The few times he raps, Tory sounds actually inspired


  • Singing is drawn out and repulsive
  • Horrible songwriting
  • Production is super boring and offers nothing memorable

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