Rome Streetz & DJ Muggs- “Death & The Magician” (Album Review)

Rome Streetz & DJ Muggs- “Death & The Magician” (Album Review)

Frequent Griselda records collaborator Rome Streetz has teamed up with highly respected underground producer DJ Muggs to make Death & the Magician. While the market is starting to feel a little saturated with these new-age gangsta rap records, Streetz and Muggs put together an experience that makes this often formulaic style as creative as it can be. On top of being able to flaunt with the best of them, Rome makes himself stand out with his prolific delivery and passionate songwriting that focuses on the Covid era we live in and how it has affected life in the rap game and the streets. Rounding this top-notch performance out with an intuitive soundtrack that’s well layered and every morphing, and it’s clear this is a strong album of the year candidate.

Rating: 7.5/10


  • Rome Streetz topical depth adds a refreshing element to modern gangsta rap
  • DJ Muggs intricate score is brilliant and adds to his strong resume
  • Seamless rapper/producer chemistry
  • Streetz proves he can be a force beyond his features


  • Doesn’t explore its ideas as much as it should
  • Between Griselda, Dump Gawd’s, and others the market for this style is getting flooded and it takes away from the shock value of this LP

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