Louie Mitch- “Kobe” (Single Review)

Louie Mitch- “Kobe” (Single Review)

Upcoming North Carolina rapper Louie Mitch has made his defining track with the song “Kobe”. We all know and love Kobe Bryant, whether its for his accomplishments, spirit, or well-being, but what is the purpose of dedicating an entire song to him? Is it to pay your respects and say what’s already been said by the world a countless amount of times, or is it to prove to your inner self that you’re never going to back down. While Mitch does pay his respects to the legend on the hook, the overlying theme in the lyrics is that the young MC is in a space that he feels no one can match.

Louie declares that he’s becoming a master of his craft and pays homage to Bryant by echoing his principles by comparing the two’s dedication to their trades. The mellow piano-infused instrumental helps emphasize the power of these words through its minimalism and contrast against Louies raspy and raw vocals. The only time this cut really goes under is on the hook due to the poorly utilized and unnecessary autotune. It’s clunky and awkward, but the core verses from this cut drown out these issues. As a whole, the connection between the heartfelt lyricism and strikes of passionateness makes this illusive poem to the pinnacle of hard work, a track that will stick out in Louie Mitch’s catalog for a long time. 

Being very well written, filled to the brim with clever and quotable lyricism, and delivered with fierce dedication, “Kobe” is really only a better hook and instrumental away from being super special. As is, Louie Mitch shows he’s a rising star, and I can only see him building on this from here. Going forward, I expect this gifted MC to only grow from here.

Track Rating: 3/5

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