Eminem- “The Marshall Mathers LP” (Classic Review)

Eminem- “The Marshall Mathers LP” (Classic Review)

The Marshall Mathers LP breaks down the dichotomy of a man in the midst of an insanity trip to the finest degree. At the peak of his battle against the overly scrutinizing mainstream media, Eminem acknowledges his critics and fires back at the world with a response that’s stronger than anything ever imaginable. As most would fold under this overbearing lens, Em shows that he’s a different breed as he doesn’t just out-do himself in the shock department; he takes a deluded but authentic examination of what got him to this point in life. From his unloving mother to his broken marriage, we learn of the scarring events that have turned Marshall Mathers into the crazed psychopath the world now hails as Slim Shady. With this depicted through gory, spine-wrenching lyricism that’s strung together with some of the most clever rhyme schemes of its time, and we end up with one of the most technically proficient records hip hop has ever seen. When it comes to albums that will make you laugh, cry, and tremble simultaneously, there’s nothing better than this gem. 

Core Ideas:

  • Showing the defining moments that have driven Marshall Mathers to the crazed state he’s in today
  • Firing back and calling out the mainstream media for their bias and damage to society as a whole

Key Strengths:

  • Horrorcore infused, technically proficient bars makes for one of the best lyrical performances of all time
  • Dr. Dre & Bass Brothers production creates the perfect gloomy atmosphere
  • From his vocals to his songwriting, Em’s uniqueness makes for one of the most charismatic records in all of rap

Tracklist Ranked:

  1. Stan
  2. The Way I Am
  3. Drug Ballad
  4. The Real Slim Shady
  5. Under The Influence
  6. Who Knew
  7. Marshall Mathers
  8. Kill You
  9. Criminal
  10. I’m Back
  11. Amityville
  12. Remember Me
  13. Bitch Please 2
  14. Steve Berman
  15. Public Service Announcement
  16. Paul
  17. Kim
  18. Ken Kaniff

Rating: 9.3/10

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