BLKRSE- “Vortex” (Single Review)

BLKRSE- “Vortex” (Single Review)

BLKRSE is a hip-hop collective made up of various rappers, photographers, videographers, and fashion designers. This year, they released their first-ever EP titled BLOOM. Out of the project’s four songs, the track “Vortex” has received a lot of attention, especially. With a chance at making hip hop’s next cultural anthem, will this heavily rooted collective prove their here to stay?

With a running time of four minutes and 20 seconds, “Vortex” throws you in the vortex from the start. Angelic vocals and warping synths rapidly build up for about 30 seconds till the synth line settles in and the MCs start to do their thing. Witty wordplay and bars focusing on inner corruption and personal highs fit the aesthetic of the track well. After a quick bridge with more distorted vocals, the next verse kicks in, and the temperature only rises from this intense, well-written verse. With a gritty flow and some boastful wordplay, this verse only further sinks you into the world of BLKRSE. As the track continues, this same formula continues to repeat as the background instrumentals tear it up with their chaotic turns and well-layered synth action. After a few more verses, the instrumental settles down as listeners prepare for a close that’s intense beyond imagination. With an angrily delivered monologue about others running their mouth about the collective, they build up fear in their enemies’ minds as the ghostly echoes of the choir drill into the competition’s mind. For an experience that offers both lyrical flair and sonic unrest, there’s not too much better. 

Overall, “Vortex” is a very solid track that shows off the talent of BLKRSE as a whole. Competent vocalists and even better production make this an experience that any fan of the genre can appreciate. With some better writing and a more dominating microphone presence from the rappers all around, BLKRSE could truly become hip hop’s next prominent collective. 

Rating: 5.5/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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