Damo FYE- “Damo’s Demos, Vol. 1” (Mixtape Review)

Damo FYE- “Damo’s Demos, Vol. 1” (Mixtape Review)

Damo FYE is an upcoming rapper who’s been building a name for himself. After a 2020, which was highlighted by the release of his first major effort Summer Nights, FYE is raising the bar this year with a new record titled Damo’s Demos, Vol. 1. With a chance at emerging as a true star and showing that he has some serious skill, will Damo seize the opportunity?

While things do get ruff at times, Damo’s got a load of potential, and he doesn’t hesitate to show it. The intro “Oh Man” may make you think Damo’s your typical screaming rapper, the moments that follow layer him into a character of the most intricate design. The sonically distorted “Shadow” sets things perfectly with its weary tone and thought-provoking subject matter, which will challenge you to the best of your abilities. The way Damo’s able to play with different vocal pockets and use it to put the listener in a hard-to-break transe is quite impressive. From here, things only continue to heighten in both dramatics and lyrical content. “Guise” is a true heartbreaker with its gaudy instrumental and pain-ridden lyrics that focus on murder and betryal. With strong charisma and a determined mindset to unravel the pain within his mind, FYE proves he has the capacity to challenge the listener with the best of him.

As good as moments like these are, there are still some duller moments like the standard trap anthem of “Satanist”. While it’s toned down in sonic and technical risks, I still appreciate that Damo keeps it real and continues to talk about heartfelt and passionate issues within his world. Moments like “Kardiac” and “Autumn” continue to push things forward with their focused subject matter and well-assorted instrumental layouts.

In the closing leg, “Uptempo” is probably the weakest of all the cuts with its braggadocious lyrics and melodic vocal pocket, but I wouldn’t say this is bad by any means. To the closing legs demise, “TenFour” and “Newme” really don’t do anything better when it comes to picking up the experience besides flash Damo’s ability as a hitmaker. 

Through my year and a half of reviewing up-and-comers music, I can say with confidence that Damo FYE is one of the better acts I’ve ever heard. He’s young and still has ways to go, but the high points on this album are actually really good, and even the weaker cuts are passable. Going forward, Damo FYE will be on our rising artist radar, and I cant wait to see him grow, improve, and prosper in the future!

Rating: 5.8/10


  • Very high highs
  • Damo FYE shows he has star potential
  • Pretty versatile


  • Struggles to find an identity in its opening-closing moments
  • Weak finish from a musical standpoint

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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