Interview With Rising Artist Mark Saunders

Interview With Rising Artist Mark Saunders

This week, I had the chance to sit and chat with upcoming rapper Mark Saunders, from his future plans in the game to his upbringing we had a great back and forth. Read below to read the highlights!

1. When are you releasing music again?

-Sooner than you expect. I’m excited for the people to hear where I’m at

2. What inspired you to rap?

-More like who inspired me to rap & the answer will remain the same forever (laughs) the cash money young money universal soldier

3. If you could work with any rapper who would it be?

-Lets say I could work with any artist tomorrow….it’d have to be Outkast collectively, xxx & Wayne

4. If you could work with any producers right now who would it be

-The producer(s) of the saw series

5. Whats your end goal as a rapper?

-…………👑 ME

6. Who’s your biggest influence?

-My upbringing

7. Whats the driving force in your music

-Everyday life

8. How do you find inspiration?

-I realized searching for inspiration only causes me to overthink which is a direct result in becoming depressed. Overtime I learned a healthier way to create the inspo/motivation if needed (I’m not digging any deeper into that)

9. How long does it take to create a song?

-Typically a few months to a year. And in rare occasions 2 years

10. When can we expect an album from you?

-my next project? 2022 guaranteed

11. Lyrics or production?


12. Pick four rappers to go against in a cypher?

-Any 4 rappers you deem to be the best

13. If you could speak to one musical figure ever, who would it be?

-Linkin Park❤️

14. Can you explain the meaning of ‘Forever Doubted?

-Of course. Forever Doubted’s a mentality. No matter how high you climb in the ranks of your profession when you walk in a room they’ll be at least one person doubting your entire prospective. Meaning to never get ahead of yourself like your shit don’t stink. Maintain yourself a level head and understand falling into the hype isn’t the answer. FOREVER DOUBTED

15. How do you feel about being an upcoming artist in this day and age?

It comes with the territory but there’s alot of necessary sacrificing that takes place behind the scenes being an up and coming act (you’re freelancing ideally). You sacrifice your friendships, time to nurture older friendships, you miss out on experiences and from personal cache I’ve self sabotaged intimate relationships that may get in the way of my main vision. To sum it end, its the furthest from easy yet the closest to rewarding.

Thanks for your time Mark! We cant wait to see what you do next, be sure to follow him @marksaunders on Instagram!

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