Lil Nas X- “Montero” (Album Review)

Lil Nas X- “Montero” (Album Review)

After one of the most successful single runs and marketing campaigns in recent memory, Lil Nas X has finally released his long-awaited debut album, Montero, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Through 15 tracks, the Georgia native puts together a charismatic experience that fuses current hip hop trends with elements of pop and even hints of rock. While going for such a commercial and radio-friendly sound usually ends up with a half-hearted product, the versatility of the 22-year-old glues you to the edge of your seat for nearly the entire 41 minute run time. From the various layers of vocal harmonizing to his competent songwriting ability, the unpredictability of Nas mixed with the shocking amount of depth within each track makes his performance one of the most memorable the mainstream has seen all year. The topical versatility is easily one of the most charming components of the entire lp as Lil Nas can be as careless and controversial as on “Industry Baby” yet show listeners his struggles with finding his identity and true happiness on “Sun Goes Down”. Even when tracks like “Dead Right Now” and “Lost In The Citadel” appear joyous and upbeat due to their luscious sonic coating, Nas’s heartfelt subject matter unravels a series of his most passionate and challenging stories to listeners. Although the depth of these topics goes hardly beyond the surface, hearing Nas add any sort of meaning and narrative behind the incredible score this record is accompanied by is more than enough to make this project stick out from the rest of the raps chart-toppers. Overall, between its surprising amount of potency, and lush musical offerings, Montero is easily one of the best debut albums that hip hop and mainstream music as a whole has seen in a long time. 

Rating: 7.0/10


  • Each song has a distinct identity and feel
  • Most tracks carry a surprising amount of topical depth from Lil Nas X
  • Stylistic versatility makes for a rollercoaster of an experience
  • One of the strongest closing legs in all of hip hop this year
  • A solid amount of creativity and innovation throughout


  • Features are hit or miss
  • Middle section drags
  • Dull tracks should have been cut out

Tracklist Ranked:

  1. Sun Goes Down
  2. Life After Salem
  3. Void
  4. Industry Baby
  5. Dead Right Now
  6. Dont Want It
  7. That’s What I Want
  8. Lost In The Citadel
  9. One Of Me
  10. Montero
  11. Dolla Sign Slime
  12. Am I Dreaming
  13. Tales Of Dominica
  14. Scoop
  15. The Art Of Realization

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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