Blu- “The Color Blu(e)” (Album Review)

Blu- “The Color Blu(e)” (Album Review)

After dropping the best album of 2020 in his third Exile collaboration Miles, expectations were undoubtedly high for Blu’s newest album, The Color Blu(e), but he only excels under this pressure. Over a sample-heavy angelic score handled exclusively by, Sirplus, J57, and Exile, the Californa rapper composes a thoughtful experience that’s so pristine yet so raw. From the song structure to the punchlines, every move Blu makes is so calculated, which showcases his mastery of technical rhyming and meaningful storytelling. Emphasized heavily in the 43 minute running time, the word Blu is way more than just a mere stage name to the underground staple. It’s a way of life and a spiritual entity that guides the 38-year old through his every living moment. Through the illustrative lyricism, beautiful presentation, and passionate tales ranging from social traumas to personal struggles, this principle becomes increasingly expanded upon. With this all-time great performance from an all-time great MC, this record will inspire anyone listening to live their life with a little bit of blue at the bare minimum. 

Rating: 8.6/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Blu(e) World
  2. Mr. Blu(e)
  3. Because the Sky Is Blu(e)
  4. Blu(e)r Thab Blu(e)
  5. I Was Born To Be Be Blu(e)

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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