Westside Gunn- “HWH8 Side B” (Album Review)

Westside Gunn- “HWH8 Side B” (Album Review)

Closing the prolific H*tler Wears Hermès series to a close, Side B captures all the aspects of Westside Gunn’s greatness. Through 20 tracks that amount to over an hour of run time, the Griselda cofounder shows once again why he’s been one of the best artists in all of hip hop right now. Stylistically, West’s performance is no different than any other in the saga, but with every new set of grimey bars and buttery rhyme schemes, it feels like we are turning to a new page in our favorite book. Adding to the memorizing style of West, some of the best MCs in the game join him to add some special spice. From frequent collaborators like Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher on “Hell On Earth, Pt.2” to surprising guests such as Jay Electronica “Free Kutter,” every guest artist masterfully complements West with their show-stealing performances. Whether it’s Mach-Hommy, AZ, or 2 Chainz, the biggest draw that the features have here that they lacked on Side A is that they don’t steer the spotlight away from West. 

Compared to his usual output, West goes in a more daring approach, which can be seen on such highlights as “The Fly Who Couldn’t Fly Straight” with Tyler The Creator, which showcases the two’s egregious swag and charisma over an abstract loop. When it comes to beats, this is easily one of Westside’s best-produced records as it compiles a list of both his usual producers like Daringer, Beat Butcha, and Conductor Williams while also bringing in legends like The Alchemist and Madlib. Overall, the way Westside Gunn is able to culminate so many generational talents into an experience while keeping the direction so cohesive and true to his vision makes Side B one of the best releases of his illustrious career. 

Rating: 7.9/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Hell on Earth, Pt.2 
  2. Richies
  3. 99 Avirex
  4. Why I do em Like That
  5. Free Kutter

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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