Don Toliver- “Life of a Don” (Album Review)

Don Toliver- “Life of a Don” (Album Review)

On his second studio album, Don Toliver manages to once again encapsulate listeners into his intoxicating atmosphere but fails to offer the artistic innovation that many were expecting. Life of a Don certainly isn’t a bad LP, with all 16 tracks being solid overall; t’s just the lack of high points that make the experience feel like one big blur. Between his soothing vocals, glamorous writing, and psychedelic production, the Jackboy’s signee still formulates together a euphoric environment, but there’s hardly anything else to love outside of this aesthetic worldbuilding. Even with its lack of buildup and climax, Don Toliver’s sophomore effort is fun but nowhere near as ambitious as a record from one of the most prominent upcoming names in hip hop should be. 

Rating: 5.1/10

Top 5 Songs: 

  1. Outerspace
  2. Double Standards
  3. Drugs N Hella Melodies
  4. Flocky Flocky 
  5. 2AM

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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