KA- “A Martyr’s Reward” (Album Review)

KA- “A Martyr’s Reward” (Album Review)

With the release of his sixth studio album, A Martyr’s Reward, KA has created another soul-shocking journey filled with jagged lyricism, vivid world-building and strong character development. Over the course of 13 pain-ridden tracks, the phantom-like mc refers to the concept of being a Martyr or somebody who’s subject to death for having a particular set of beliefs as he goes into detail about his role when it comes to being a powerful voice for people who experienced a rough upbringing on the streets just as he did. Through his self-produced foggy instrumentals and faint vocals, KA unravels the pain that having such power comes with through some of the best lyricism and songwriting seen over the course of his entire career. While covering the same ideas that many of his previous records have dabbled into, the 49-year-old’s ability to put a new spin on his troubled past and its effects is brilliant and a testament to his greatness. Aside from the record becoming too slow or dull due to its ghostly atmosphere, KA executed his goals near-perfectly.

Rating: 8.0/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Enough Praise/Recovering
  2. We Living/Martyr
  3. With All My Heart
  4. Peace Peace Peace
  5. P W H

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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