Medhane- “Do The Math” (Album Review)

Medhane- “Do The Math” (Album Review)

Letting go of his most troublesome and reflective thoughts, Medhane’s newest album, Do The Math, serves as a statement that thrives due to the bleeding heart that the Brooklyn mc uses to jot his every rhyme. Through abstract samples and warping loops, the Brooklyn mc creates a lo-fi atmosphere that allows for him to let loose of some of the most challenging demons he’s had to cope with in his lifetimes worth of pain and loss. Adding to the intrusive thoughts and traumatic experiences Medhane fills the lp with, he also has an unusual stroke of bravado and swagger displayed in certain moments, which layers the album with fiery bars and cold-hearted stories. In every story and soundscape Medhane crafts, the loose and jagged thoughts he expresses unravels another aspect of his complicated life and keeping an overlying feeling of mystery and confusion through these well-written detailed moments, his genius is on full display. When it comes to albums in the lo-fi realm, there are not many as well produced and well written as Do The Math.

Rating: 7.9/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Ripped My Ksubis
  2. Spring Cleaning
  3. Puzzleguts
  4. Night Vision Goggles
  5. stars fell

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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