Chief Keef- “4Nem” (Album Review)

Chief Keef- “4Nem” (Album Review)

In a year filled with nothing but disappointment and failure from trap music, what better than the return of Chief Keef and his fourth studio album 4Nem to wash the sour taste left in our mouths. In 15 tracks that run for 46 action-filled minutes, the hip-hop icon reminds us just how good the 26-year-old can be through pulsing bangers that highlight just how fun his rowdiness and carelessness can be. Through each and every track, Keef does not have any regard for human life, which allows him to target and attack anything in his way so seamlessly. Painting this masterfully chaotic vision over a score that pushes Chicago drill and trap music in every sense of the world with its heavy use of synths and overabundance of drums. As good as the lps opening leg is, its second half gets rocky at times due to its handful of melodic cuts that fall flat. Despite these moments sounding great in terms of their mellow and dramatic production, the auto-tuned vocals and drawn-out melodic style Chief Keef utilizes simply falls flat on all fronts. Aside from this problem, the simple yet genius formula Chief Keef uses for the rest of the project makes for such a fun and energetic experience, and it goes to show the struggling genre of trap just how fun this sub-genre can still be. 

Rating: 6.3/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Say I Ain’t Pick Yo Weak Ass Up
  2. Tuxedo
  3. See Through
  4. Ice Cream Man
  5. Hurry B4 the Gates Close

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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