jonah- “holiday” (EP Review)

jonah- “holiday” (EP Review)

Spreading Holiday cheer, upcoming rapper jonah’s holiday ep is a fun and creative project that shows off the artist’s skills as an mc, musician while also displaying his love for the cultural staple we all know as Christmas. Whether he’s flexing about the status he holds through the items of wealth he possesses on the extended play’s intro track “dear santa,” or if he’s showing off his skill set as a rapper on the swagger filled “holiday agenda,” jonah’s ability to make fun of anthems that contain technical lyrical substance is present even in the setting of a four-track journey dedicated to the spirit of Christmas. 

In addition to his well-presented rapping ability, the project’s production gives the perfect feel for a record of this stature. From the minimal lo-fi instrumental seen on “Without,” which is accompanied by beautiful vocals from singer Gisselle to the Jingle Bell rock sample, which works perfectly on the project’s intro track “dear santa,” the score presented sounds excellent in terms of aesthetic value and quality of sound. 

Encompassing all of these elements, the ep’s closing song “next christmas” was the definite standout for taking on the classic holiday hit of Wham’s “Last Christmas,” and sampling it masterfully as jonah makes an emotional and passion-filled anthem about his goals for where he will be at and what he will do during next Christmas. Between the eps natural humor, incredible soundscape, and the solid performance of jonah, which rarely falls flat, holiday ep is a piece of work that hip hop fans and holiday music fanatics can find joy in. 

Rating: 3/5

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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