Rnb the Rapper- “Mommoms Iced Tea” (Single Review)

Rnb the Rapper- “Mommoms Iced Tea” (Single Review)

Ending 2021 on a strong note, Rnb the Rapper puts together possibly his best single yet with “Mommoms Iced Tea.” While there are still some issues in terms of mixing Rnb shows just how fast he’s developed as an artist and how with some better production, he can put together nearly four minutes of enjoyable action. Between his distorted vocals, which add flavor and flair to his delivery, and writing which focuses on sentimental moments that hold close to his heart, Rnb the Rapper seems as calculated and in-tune with his feelings as ever. The cut’s jazz-infused instrumental stays so prominent throughout, and with his vocal layers and up and down tone changes occurring throughout the song’s entire duration, there is a creative and pure sounding backing to every word of the young rapper. Bringing the track full circle, the song’s hook is quite memorable between its salute to Mommoms Iced Tea and his lively delivery, which heightens the emotional salute that the track already stands as. Overall, with its nice message, good production, and formidable lyrical performance, “Mommoms Iced Tea” is easily Rnb the Rapper’s most well rounded track, and if he can grow from this moment creatively, he may just last in the music world.  

Rating: 3.5/5

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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