Genesis Owusu- “Smiling with No Teeth” (Album Review)

Genesis Owusu- “Smiling with No Teeth” (Album Review)

Pushing experimental hip hop to new limits, 23-year-old Genesis Owusu highlights his creative potential on Smiling with No Teeth. Dabbling his feet within industrial hip hop, neo-soul, dance music, and even punk, Genesis wastes no time showcasing that he is multifaceted in the highest sense possible. His vocals can be so harsh and unforgiving, and just in a single song later, he can create a world-changing melodic anthem. Doing so much on only his debut album, there are some aspects that suffer, especially in the writing department which feels like an afterthought with all of the beautiful vocal and instrumental layers added into the atmosphere of the lp. Fortunately, this issue doesn’t hurt the entire 54 minute run time of the album, but it does make certain moments obvious head-scratchers. All in all, the overwhelming amount of creativity seen throughout Smiling with No Teeth makes it a must-listen for all experimental hip-hop fans. If you didn’t believe Genesis Owusu was special before this, it’s in listeners’ best interest to think so now. 

Rating: 7.1/10

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Bye Bye
  2. On The Move
  3. Gold Chains
  4. Smiling with No Teeth
  5. Whip Cracker

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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