Rnb The Rapper- “Pep Ralley” (Single Review)

Rnb The Rapper- “Pep Ralley” (Single Review)

Standing as his first in a pair of singles released in 2021, upcoming artist Rnb The Rapper showcases his rough but prominent talent on his single “Pep Ralley.”

With his smooth flow and banter-filled lyrics about his high school antics, Rnb the Rapper highlights just how fun the fast-moving life that being a teen in school brings about. While his nostalgic writing is fun and humorous, Rnb falls flat at times with some clear holes in both his mc skills and the song’s production. From the Ricky and Morty sample, which’s insertion feels odd to the instrumental which sounds super low budget, there are some evident issues that hold the song back from being as fun as his ideas strive to make it. In addition to the musical shortcomings, Rnb’s delivery gets choppy at times which occasionally throws off his otherwise solid writing. All in all, there are certainly some better tracks that Rnb the rapper has been made, and while this moment may be a learning experience in his catalog, there’s still a lot to grow from.

Rating: 5.5/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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