Action Bronson- “Cocodrillo Turbo” Review

Action Bronson- “Cocodrillo Turbo” Review

Action Bronson’s seventh studio album Cocodrillo Turbo is the latest addition to his consistent catalog. Bronson hasn’t changed anything significant from his last projects but has tweaked his formula enough to make another enjoyable experience. His charismatic delivery and one-of-a-kind presence are still shining bright, and his pen game is as solid as ever. The only thing that separates this Bronson project from the rest of his catalog is the records theming around crocodiles. The album features crocodile noises within various tracks which parallel the dolphin sounds on his 2020 effort, Only For Dolphins. The crocodile noises compile within the production, which has a bit of a tropical feel. This warmer style of beat-making does a lot to theme this experience as something that stands out within Bronson’s ever-expanding discography. While this record has plenty of charming novelties, it does feel like one of Action Bronson’s emptier records. From the short running time to Bronson’s performance which, despite being solid, can play it a little too safe at times, certain aspects of the record could have been improved to make this experience stand out beyond its hardly developed concept. Even the features on this LP are hit or miss, with verses from Conway The Machine and Roc Marciano being great while others from Hologram and Mayhem Lauryn end up sounding super dull. These flaws don’t make the record unlistenable, as El Cocodrillo Turbo is loads of fun. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Tracklist Ranked:

  1. Storm Of The Century
  2. Tongpo
  3. Estaciones
  4. Ninety One
  5. Zambezi
  6. Hound Dog
  7. Subzero
  8. Jaws
  9. Turkish
  10. Jaguar

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