Redveil- “learn 2 swim” Review

Redveil- “learn 2 swim” Review

Redveil’s learn 2 swim is a fantastic record that shows us just how high the young rappers’ ceiling is. The record is filled with moments that show off the 17-year-olds skillset and also cuts that give us glimpses of his introspective side. Redveil is already such a good writer creating coherent bars and thoughts that all come together to paint one big idea. While his previous projects have displayed in a soundscape that puts him in a box with the Earl Sweatshirt’s and Mavi’s of the world, this album highlights his skill within much more dynamic and intuitive soundscapes. Instrumentals can be much more dramatic here, which allows Redveil to play with his voice in ways we have never heard. We see him go as far as to tap into melodic territory, which works out great. The diversity within the soundscape and the fearlessness are what make this album’s risks so rewarding. Another factor that makes the album better is its near-perfect sequencing. The record starts off showing of Redveil within a calm state, and as we get through more and more of the material, we see him open up more and more to the listener. Adding this layer of emotional depth, and learn 2 swim solidifies itself as one of the best albums of 2022 so far.

Rating: 8.0/10

Tracklist Ranked:

  1. pg baby
  2. working out
  3. mars
  4. home
  5. automatic
  6. morphine (da ways)
  7. sky
  8. shoulder
  9. new info
  10. together
  11. better
  12. diving board

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