Boldy James & Real Bad Man- “Killing Nothing” Review

Boldy James & Real Bad Man- “Killing Nothing” Review

Teaming up with Real Bad Man for the second time, Boldy James creates another fantastic project with Killing Nothing. From start to finish we can see Real Bad Man brings a lot darker of a presence to the score compared to the other producers Boldy has worked with. This allows James’ words to sink harder within the listener. He sounds soulless in the best way possible and this creates some of the most menacing moments of the Detroit rapper’s entire career. He’s mastered his MC skills understanding how to deliver each bar perfectly and how to craft each line to the highest degree. While compared to his other projects, the only major difference is its intensity, Killing Nothing is one of the better releases of the year so far and it only further strengthens Boldy James’ case as the best rapper of the 2020s.

Rating: 7.6/10

Tracklist Ranked:

  1. Game Time
  2. Killing Nothing
  3. Ain’t No Bon Jovi
  4. Seeing Visions
  5. Sig Sauer
  6. Water Under the Bridge
  7. Open Door
  8. Bo Jack
  9. Cash Transactions
  10. 5 Mississippi
  11. All the Way Out
  12. Medellin
  13. Hundred Ninety Bands

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