Rose Gold Shaun- “Kodak Flow” Review

Rose Gold Shaun- “Kodak Flow” Review

Upcoming rapper Rose Gold Shaun is making his mark in the rap game with his new song, “Kodak Flow.”

In a short two minutes and 30 seconds, the young rapper puts together a super fun and careless track that thrives because of its effortless nature. The swagger and confidence Shaun brings to this song is so memorizing. While “Kodak Flow” does not break the mold of anything, he shows how to rebrand a style and fuse it into your own lane pretty well. He allows himself to have so much fun on this track, and it’s just great to hear somebody enjoying the music. From the up-tempo beat to the auto-tuned vocals, the formula of this song has been done before but not quite like this. Hearing Shaun talk about his come-up and how he feels destined to succeed is quite inspiring, and the good energy breathed throughout this track is a joy to witness.

Stream Kodak Flow Below:

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