Majesty- “Hannibal BarGod” Review

Majesty- “Hannibal BarGod” Review

Hannibal BarGod is the newest project from upcoming rapper Majesty. Through 10 tracks that span over the course of 26 minutes, the young MC plays with an array of styles that showcase both his strengths and weaknesses.

The gloomy intro track “Hannibal Flow” does a great job of welcoming us to the world of the record. From the beat, which gradually builds up as the power of Majesty’s verse does, to his personally inflicted lyricism which guides together the entire moment, this is a track that sets up the following nine tracks in the best way it possibly can.

Despite how strong the intro track is, “It is What it is” is a big stutter step in the tracklist as it compromises the depth and quality Majesty put into the previous track to work as a flashy trap song. While I think Majesty’s skills could culminate into a solid trap cut, I think the biggest flaw of the track is his energy which feels way too tamed down to excite the listener the way other tracks on this album do.

Fortunately, the laid-back “Breathe” is a highlight in the tracklist with Majesty’s vulnerable lyricism and the track’s beautifully crafted sappy instrumental. With this type of sonic coating and the dark lyrical jaggers, Majesty pulls out of his brain to tell us this track is a really great moment in all regards.

While the topical focus of this track is super important, “Mistake Likes for Love” falls flat for me with an instrumental that just does not match the energy or the tone of what Majesty is talking about. Even with its overall mismatched feel, I appreciate what Majesty puts together here, as the message is beyond important in today’s day and age.

Bringing the album to another strong point, the profoundly personal “God Figure” is a fantastic display of Majesty’s artistry. His pensive lyricism challenges you, the listener, to analyze everything he is saying. Even the trap beat in the track’s second half works super well due to the energetic feel Majesty breathes into this track.

Once again, steering the record in the wrong direction, “Get It?/New George Clinton” is another lackluster track thats first half suffers from the same issues that we have referenced earlier. Fortunately, the second half off this song spares it from being a waste of a moment with its better-fitted trap beat and the more intense presence from Majesty. Hearing about Majesty’s dreams over this darker-toned trap beat works super well and makes you see the missed opportunities on other portions of this record.

“Jim Brown” is another trap cut that works due to the match between Majesty’s presence and the sound of this cut. He works well over more linear infused trap cuts like this, and with its under two-minute running time, a cut like this stays its welcome for the perfect amount of time.

“Charge it to the Game” is another cut that sets Majesty over some Pi’erre Bourne beats where the connection between his spirit and the production just does not resonate like the best moments on this record. While he sounds a lot more comfortable over this beat than on some of the earlier cuts made in this same style, the moment is nothing to write home about.

The grimy “Rebel Riot Song” delivers the energy this project needs at the moment, both lyrically and sonically. The pulsing boom-bap beat is masterfully detailed and feels like something that Conway The Machine could rap over. Between this and Majesty’s hard-hitting bars and commanding delivery, this is a surefire standout in the tracklist.

Closing out the record once and for all, “Bar God” finishes things off on the right note with its abstract instrumental and firey bar-fest that Majesty goes on. From the analysis of his past to his intensely crafted, in-your-face wordplay, this moment works so well, and it really highlights Majesty’s skill as a complete MC. All in all, this cut is truly amazing, and if we could see Majesty explore moments like this overproduction that is more fitted to his skillset, he would be able to make a truly remarkable body of work. While Hannibal BarGod has its fair share of highlights, it is held back from its true poteintal due to its confusing directional choices. Still, Majesty is a super-talented young MC whos future efforts will be on my radar.

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