SG Bubba K- “Autobiography” Review

SG Bubba K- “Autobiography” Review

Welcoming us to the world of his debut album Miles Higher, upcoming MC SG Bubba K proves his worth to the rap game with “Autobiography.”

From the soulful beat to the first hard-hitting bar from SG Bubba K, this track is a fantastic cut that entices you to listen to the entire album it’s apart of. Bubba is a confident MC who brings so much power to each word he says through his smooth delivery and commanding cadence. From bar to bar and verse to verse, the way SG bounces between flows and pockets is such a joy to listen to. His voice plays off the gleaming boom-bap beat masterfully, and the passion behind each lyric brings you one more step closer to understanding the heart and soul behind these words. 

It’s so captivating to hear an MC at such an early point in his career deliver a moment that, on top of being filled with the personal layers that tie together, his heart is super well put together as a musical experience. The bar-fest the young rapper puts us on never feels tedious as the pace of his thoughts are so well calculated. Despite revealing so much about his feelings and conflicts, he never pours too much on listeners, where we get lost in the message. In today’s industry, this is an underrated skill as many rappers (even on the highest level) mismanage their talent, which often deludes their vision to listeners attempting to resonate with them. 

On top of the layers of personality within this track, Bubba K shows off his ability to entertain listeners. His choice of words is so well calculated, and it feels like the young mc is creating a graphic novel with how detailed his writing gets. Embedding these skills into a super personal and heartfelt track, it really brings everything together and allows this moment to be a defining piece in the young artist’s career.

All in all, “Autobiography” goes above and beyond when it comes to selling listeners on why they should listen to SG Bubba K. In all senses of the word, this young mc is special with loads of talent in terms of his lyrical skill and emotional detail. Going forward, this young artist will certainly be on my list of names to lookout for, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

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