Young Malk & Big OZ “Discipline” Review

Young Malk & Big OZ “Discipline” Review

Young Malk is a rising rapper from the Inland Empire. He has recently been building up a ton of traction as his “Plandemic” album has received high praise while also performing at local shows in downtown LA. He just released his brand new single with friend and fellow rapper Big OZ titled “Discipline”. With the biggest drop of his career yet, will this young duo be able to handle the pressure?

Opening up the record their is a hard-hitting instrumental which feels eerie yet braggadocios. Big Oz starts things off on a hard note as he praises Allah and acknowledges his skill as a legit MC. Continuing the verse there is a handful of other quotable lines like “So I rock hard like I’m Bon Jovi”. Leaving the microphone in destruction, the instrumental plays out so the listener can digest everything they just heard. The second verse is done by none other than Young Malk. After hearing his, “The Ops” ad-lib listeners are in store for a lyrical talent show consisting of punchlines, quotables, and entendres. The swagger on his delivery is so memorizing, it will make anyone listening instantly to become a fan. On the ladder portion of the verse, Young Malk tenses up as he questions police methods in America. Finishing up his performance on a hard note, Malk asserts his dominance over other rappers while also glooming over the success that is soon to come his way.

In conclusion, Young Malk and Big OZ seem to be in their best form ever on this track. With hard lyricism and a memorizing instrumental, its hard not to fall in love with the pair. Their upcoming project “YMOZ” will be out soon, and I can’t wait to see how far these two have truly come!

Rating: 8.4/10

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