Mark Saunders- “MUSE” Review

Mark Saunders- “MUSE” Review

Mark Saunders is an upcoming rapper who’s been releasing music since 2017. While the releases of “Blank Canvas EP” and “III.VII.MCXMXCIX” were solid, he is still waiting for his big breakthrough. He just put out his brand new single “Muse” at the end of July. With a one of a kind style, will this talented up and comer be able to create the statement he needs?

With an abrasive opening, Saunders instantly grabs the listener’s attention. After the chaotic starting point, a few catchy guitar notes play for the duration of the record. Being accompanied by a monotone speech from a female voice, this opening bridge leads into Mark’s verse. With distorted vocals, the beauty of this section comes from the element of confusion. At about two minutes in, Saunders’s voice normalizes, and he starts rapping in a quick pocket reminiscent to a JID. With a hard flow, his voice memorizes the listener, and the psychedelic hook only emphasizes this. On the records, final leg Mark Saunders dives even deeper as he addresses some issues that hold him back from being the best man he can be. Once this sector stops abruptly, the same distorted voice comes in earlier, and the track ends on a sonically powerful yet lyrically confusing note.

In conclusion, “Muse” is an enjoyable single that shows Mark Saunders’s raw talent, but suffers from being too risky. While the beat and ideas were super intuitive, I felt the mixing was off, and it was hard to hear what Mark was saying with or without vocal effects. Overall, there’s still a ton of enjoyment to be found in this song, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Be sure to follow @marksaunders_ on Instagram to stay updated on what this talented up and comer does next!

Rating: 6.8/10

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