CJ-“Loyalty Over Royalty” (EP Review)

CJ-“Loyalty Over Royalty” (EP Review)

Riding out the success of his breakout hit “Whoopty”, CJ has released his debut EP Loyalty Over Royalty. As most of the commercial-oriented extended plays that have dropped this year go, there’s really nothing special here, and this is no exception. Through eight uninspired tracks, we’re fed the same song over and over again, and none of the new songs are even the slightest bit memorable. As everything stands now, CJ will fall into irrelevance just like every one-hit-wonder the rap games seen has.

Rating: 2.0/10


  • “Whoopty” is a great banger


  • Every other song is either bad, generic or both
  • French Montana feature is bad
  • No creativity 
  • Pretty much tries to remake “Whoopty” seven different times 

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