DON’T MISS- “Cigarettes” (Single Review)

DON’T MISS- “Cigarettes” (Single Review)

Composed of prominent rapper R. Davis and gifted producer Nast E. Beats, the newfound duo self-proclaimed as DON’T MISS, have released a trifecta of singles headlined by their over-the-top bravado and charisma filled anthem titled “Cigarettes”. Serving as their introductory statement to the world, Davis wastes no time, coming out in full fire with his hell-found lyrical punches. With a delivery that’s stapled with cockiness and command, the Howard student amuses the audience with ease. Topping off his performance with bars that manage to be technically proficient yet sickly humorous, Davis shows just how well he can command a track for an extended duration of time. Moving away from the more dramatic and tenacious style he’s displayed in the past on projects like STATIC, it seems like the full fledged partnership with Nast E. Beats has challenged Davis to rap like the bastard child of MF DOOM. Backing up every word of Davis, the producer’s saxophone-infused beat captures a feel that’s so elegant yet so grimy. Out of all that can be taken away from this single, I think the most extraordinary quality of their combined forces is how DON’T MISS traps listeners within their sick and twisted musical paradox. Showcasing this strange yet infatuating ability from such an early point in their relationship, I am expecting DON’T MISS to further captivate on this niche and grow in both skill and popularity.

Rating: 8.0/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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