Big A- “Shoes at the Door” Review

Big A- “Shoes at the Door” Review

No Permission Entertainment’s Big A kicked off the year with a bang releasing his Shoes at the Door ep. Through four tracks that span for only 13 minutes, this hungry mc tells us everything we need to know about him and wastes no time in the process.

The record opens up with the inspirational but pain-ridden “Life.” Accompanied by guest Bake Sale, the two unravel their thoughts covering various topics, from family trauma to their desire to succeed in their goals. While the vocals from Bake Sale are too ambitious for their own good at times, the hunger he and Big A showcase will spark a fire under any listener. Following up on this moment, Big A shows how clever he can be on the smooth “Bounce.” From the clever bar that references the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy to the witty one-liners scattered around the rest of his performance, Big A really steps into his own here and shows how comfortable he is as both a writer and MC. Joined by Bake Sale again, he delivers a much more memorable performance that flows in the seam with Big A’s much better. His gritty vocals bounce so well off jazz-infused instrumental, and his closing verse rivals the best of Big A’s pen game, with intense rhyme schemes and a buttery flow. 

Teaming up with AYOO, Big A takes things in a different direction on “The Mountains (Dark Minded Illusion).” From the atmospheric instrumental, which lets loose with some free-flowing drums, the tone is much different here, and so is the pen game of A’s, which is much more fierce. The opening moments of this ep welcomed us to the world of Big A, and this track establishes him as a competitor in the rap game. The way he is able to assert his dominance over the competition and fire jabs so freely shows he has the spirit of a passionate mc. As the track progresses, the beat goes through some chord switches as Big A’s final verse closes his performance here masterfully. From rapping over the faint drums to listening to his vocals become distorted, this track is a one-of-a-kind moment that I’m sure will serve as a defining piece of Big A’s career for a very long time. Bringing the project to a close, the self-titled track features a soul sample-based boom-bap beat that demonstrates Big A’s pure rapping ability. Putting his strengths on display one more time for the listeners, Big A will certainly leave to anyone who tunes in.

Overall, Shoes at the Door is a very good ep that showcases all of Big A’s strengths. He is clever, comfortable, and calculated in his very decision on the microphone, and it shows through all of its great details. Going forward, I’m sure Big A will top this record, and if he stays this hungry, we may just see him become the rap game’s next big thing. 

Rating: 3/5

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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