Jordan D. Mitchell Launches A New Era of His Career With “Crimson Red”

Jordan D. Mitchell Launches A New Era of His Career With “Crimson Red”

Rapper and educator Jordan D. Mitchell has been an important figure in the west coast underground scene since the late 2010s at this point. Through his unmatched sense of humor and satirical writing style, Mitchell’s music is always layered and filled with hidden messages which has allowed him to build a strong following. After his 2020 which consisted of his most renowned LP yet, I’ll Apologize Later, Mitchell took time off, finding ways to once again innovate his sound and grace fans into the new chapter of his life. Entering 2022 with a brand new ep headlined by the single “Crimson Red” this goofy, off your feet anthem does just that. To stream the song and watch the video check out the links below!

To stream “Crimson Red” click here

To watch the video click here:

About Mr. Fantastic’s Relationship With Jordan D. Mitchell: Jordan is one of the first underground artists I ever connected with. When I was writing for a blog back in the summer of 2020, his project, I’ll Apologize Later, was sent to me for review and ever since spinning this lp for the first time, I have been a fan of him, watching him grow as an artist, creator, and person. Be sure to follow Mitchell on Instagram @itsjordanbreh.


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